Video art - Sandrine

Sometimes, it is nice to look back in time. In September 2013, on the last day of "Magneet festival" in Amsterdam, a selected group of artists showed their short movies. I was one of the lucky ones who's movie was selected for the performance. The performance in itself was quite unique. The…


L-systems are a mathematical formalism proposed by the biologist Aristid Lindenmayer in 1968 as a foundation for an axiomatic theory of biological development. More recently, L-systems have found several applications in computer graphics [Smith 1984; Prusinkiewicz and Hanan 1989; Prusinkiewicz and…


Logo Fractal

Infinite animated logo I created an infinite version of the logo of UI/UX designer Luan Gjokaj. Please checkout his great website Riangle. Run Full Screen

2D strange attractors

I've always been fascinated by fractals and strange attractors. One of the most famous strange attractor system is the Lorenz system. But with some trial and error, you can find some formulas that create "chaos". In this post, I used a system of equations, described in the book "Chaos In…


Life unfolds wonder into wonder if you listen This image marked my departure from aerospace into visual art. Speedbird