2D strange attractors

I've always been fascinated by fractals and strange attractors. One of the most famous strange attractor system is the Lorenz system. But with some trial and error, you can find some formulas that create "chaos". In this post, I used a system of equations, described in the book "Chaos In…

Diffusion-Reaction, creating animal patterns

I while ago, I stumbled upon a famous paper of Alan Turing called The chemical basis of morphogenesis. It is fascinating to see the idea of using diffusion - reaction equations to simulate the creation of animal patterns. In his paper, he describes his idea to use two non-uniform…


Celebrate the seventies! Groovy baby! Canvas prototype of a web interface with dynamic buttons, turning polar roses and Fast Fourier Transformation for real-time spectrum analysis of the music to animate the Blitzblit logo. Move the mouse to reveil the buttons. Music: E.V.A. by Jean-Jacques Perrey…

Cloud Dancer

Birds and skyscrapers competing for the sky. "Cloud Dancer" A computer generated collage of birds, buildings, brush strokes, text and mosaic. Every mouse click generates a new art piece. The total amount of possible outcomes is around 3000 pieces. Start Full Screen


Life unfolds wonder into wonder if you listen This image marked my departure from aerospace into visual art. Speedbird